How To Choose The Best Fertilizer For Your Lawn – Liquid VS Granular Option

How to choose the best fertilizer for your lawn?


You want your lawn to look great – lush, green and healthy. But which type of fertilizer will give you the results you want? And more specifically, should you choose a liquid fertilizer or a granular fertilizer?


When choosing the right type of fertilizer for your lawn, take a look at the pros and cons of both liquid and granular fertilizers. Also, review what your lawn goals are, and how these fertilizers can help you maintain a beautiful lawn.


A good place to start, is understanding the basics of how lawn fertilizers work to enhance your lawn.


How do lawn fertilizers work?


Lawn fertilizers nourish your lawn, through the release of basic nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. These nutrients are essential for grass growth, root development, and the overall enhancement of your lawn.


It’s also important to note that your lawn is a complex ecosystem, and that your grass is only the top layer of this system. And what you see on top is a symptom of what’s happening below. So, treating your lawn with fertilizer encourages root growth and strength, leading to healthy grass and lawn throughout the spring, summer, and fall.


What are the benefits of liquid fertilizers and granular fertilizers?


Looking at the 2 main differences between liquid and granular fertilizers, highlights the benefits of both, and helps you identify which type of fertilizer will work for your specific lawn environment.


      1) Fast Absorbing (Liquid fertilizer) Slow Release (Granular fertilizer)

Liquid fertilizers are fast absorbing and are an efficient way to feed your lawn.  They allow nutrients to reach roots easily, treating problem areas immediately, and with faster results. Also, aerating your lawn prior to fertilizing, allow nutrients to soak into the roots, instead of the thatch.




On the other hand, granular fertilizers have a slow release mechanism. With this type of application, you’ll see results develop over a longer period of time, since the granules will release the nutrients over time. Also, keep in mind that this fertilizer is dependent on watering, rain, and soil temperature.


       2) Consistency of Application


When using a liquid fertilizer, your lawn gets a consistent application, since the nutrient mixture is distributed evenly prior to application.  Also, liquids can be blended and customized to specific lawn requirement.  And it’s easier to access hard to reach areas that need extra nutrient help.


With granular fertilizers, the application of the fertilizer is consistent, but other factors can affect the uniformity. For example, individual granules are not uniform and can contain higher concentrations, and the slow release feature can result in an uneven distribution of nutrients. As well, it’s good to note that the granule form has a high salt content, since they are meant to last for longer periods of time. And salt can be harmful to roots, since it can steer roots away from absorbing the nutrients.


Choosing the best type of fertilizer for your lawn?


Now it’s time to look at the condition and size of your lawn, what lawn issues you want to fix, the cost of the treatment, and the amount of time you have to devote to a lawn maintenance program.


For example, a larger lawn area, could use a granular fertilizer. It would be applied fewer times, and would cost a little less than liquid fertilizer, but the application would be less consistent.  Also, you would have to spend more time on maintaining you lawn.


However, with most lawns, a liquid fertilizer is a popular solution to quickly bring a lawn back to life. And with our short spring and summer season, that makes sense. Also, it’s an easy and time efficient option, freeing you to enjoy the summer.


White N Green’s Turf Programs are designed to get your lawn to an optimum state, working on problem areas, ensuring that grass and roots are strengthened through custom blended liquid fertilizer. With our regular scheduled application of fertilizer and weed control, we can take care of all your lawn needs.