5 Spring Tips To Rejuvenate Your Lawn

5 Spring Tips To Rejuvenate Your Lawn


April is finally here and it makes us all think of spring even if we might still get some snow before winter is finally over. It’s also the time of year when we need to start thinking about lawn care so there are a few things that you should be looking at in the coming weeks. Caring for your lawn as you emerge from the winter months is the best way to ensure that you have a wonderful green and healthy lawn all summer and well into the fall. Having said that don’t be so eager that you start too early. Even though it may feel like spring there could still be frost at times and you need to wait until that possibility has gone before you get into serious lawn maintenance.

Lawnmower tune-up

If you don’t have a new lawnmower, make sure to give it a tune up at the start of the lawn care season. It’s been sitting in your garage or shed doing nothing for months and will need to be at its most efficient once you need to rely on it again. You might also want to look at the blade. Even if it did a great job last year the blade might still need sharpening. You might not think this is that important since you’re only cutting the grass but a dull blade can actually damage your lawn and this can lead to problems later with dead patches, weed growth, and other issues.


Raking and Power Raking

Raking might seem to be something that you do in the fall once those pesky leaves are all over your lawn but raking is just as important in the spring, when there’s usually thatch on your lawn. This is made up of the grass stems and roots, both living and dead, which settle in a layer between the soil and the green blades of grass. Raking down to the roots removes the thatch and will allow more efficient penetration of water and fertilizer, improving the health of your lawn. Raking the thatch with a power raker takes the most thatch out and much more effective than raking by hand.



Fertilizer plays an important role in lawn care at any time of the year. Adding fertilizer in early spring will help the grass to grow once the weather improves and there’s more sunshine. If your lawn is healthy this will also discourage insects and weeds that can compete with the grass.



Aerating will also positively affect the health of your lawn. This process removes plugs of soil from your lawn to loosen soil that’s been compacted over the years. This then allows water, fertilizer, nutrients, and air to nourish the grass roots once the weather improves and you’re spending more time on lawn care.



You may also notice some bare patches on your lawn once it emerges from the winter. These could be caused by foot traffic, lack of sunlight, or you may be a dog owner. As the growing season begins, these areas are where weeds will grow but you can overseed these parts of the lawn once the possibility of frost has disappeared. Adding seed repairs the damaged area and the grass will grow thicker, attract fewer pests, and be more resistant to disease.


This might all seem like a lot of work but don’t worry, we can take care of everything for you. At White ‘N Green we provide a full range of services, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything! Relax and leave everything to the professionals. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.