Don’t Let Fido be the Only One Fertilizing Your Lawn

Don’t Let Fido be the Only One Fertilizing Your Lawn

Let us Make Your Backyard into Your Lush Green Paradise.

Let us Make Your Backyard into Your Lush Green Paradise.



We have perfected our five round fertilization and weed control Edmonton, AB. This highly effective program spans from early spring to late fall and is 100% guaranteed to improve the health and appearance of your lawn.

Our knowledge, expertise, and efficient professional equipment will turn your lawn into your paradise (and the neighbors’ envy).

In addition to optimizing the health of your lawn through the seasons, our team has created custom programs to care for your whole property.

These programs include our Landscape Bed Weed Control and Gravel and Hard Surface Weed Control.

What does it involve?

The fertilizer program covers the entire season starting in early May and finishing in late September. It includes 5 applications on your lawn of optimized liquid fertilizer blends tailored to Northern Alberta. Our fertilizers are custom blended designed to release in a controlled manner while increasing soil and plant health. They are a balanced combination of nutrients for your lawn. We fertilize your lawn the same way golf courses do theirs with professional products made in Canada. The five applications include: spring, early summer, summer, late summer and fall fertilizers.

5 Spring Tips To Rejuvenate Your Lawn. April is finally here and it makes us all think of spring even if we might still get some snow before winter is finally over.

Walk Through of the Season


In the spring, we created a custom fertilizer blend to address the winter stress on your plants.  Promoting recovery and growth, while giving the essential elements required to rebuild plant structures like chlorophyll which will give a dark green color.  Our technicians do a thorough turf inspection for winter damage and leaving recommendations for you. Once the ground drys out, we also offer our spring cleanup services including aeration which is the ideal compliment to this fertilizer application.


With temperatures increasing and plant health recovering, we start applying our next level of fertilizer to drive density and health. We also begin our weed applications to address both our hard surface and broad leaf weeds on your turf. As usual, the technicians will also be looking for other recommendations regarding your lawn.


In the heat of summer, the lawn care services we apply are heavily influenced by the weather.  We continue to utilize ingredients that increase uptake through the leaf surface.  This drives efficiency and promotes plant health. Our weed control treatments typically continue until mid to late July but heavily dependent on the weather.


The late summer, we start to consider how your plants will prepare for winter.  Yes!, this is the time to prepare.   Continuing with our custom Alberta blends, we drive plant preparation while continuing with foliar products designed for the heat of summer.


Finally, on the last application of the season your fall liquid fertilizer will be applied. With our approach to help your plants deal with winter, now it’s time to finalize our year with specific nutrients to help harden your plants for winter.  This mix helps to prep your lawn for the winter ahead. We will also be spraying our weed control once the temperatures drop to an appropriate level. Similar to the spring, the aeration and over-seeding services are completed for clients that chose to have it done in the fall. Your lawn should be looking green and ready to face the oncoming chill. For the summer only clients, we won’t see you again until next spring, but you will hear from us regarding your renewal notice in late winter! For our rest of the year long clients, we will start with your Snow Removal Services Nov 1st !

Below are our Programs for the residential clients.

Master Program

5 Applications of a very well balanced liquid fertilizer
5 Applications of weed control
Starting in May and continuing throughout the season till September
$270.00 + gst

Full Program

4 Applications of a very well balanced liquid fertilizer
4 Applications of weed control
Applied in June, July, August and September unless instructed differently
$240.00 + gst

Basic Program

3 Applications of a very well balanced liquid fertilizer
3 Applications of weed control
Applied June, July and August unless instructed differently
$180.00 + gst

Pay as you Go

1 Application for a well balanced liquid fertilizer
1 Application of weed control
$65.00 + gst