When you hire our White ‘N Green to take care of your lawn care needs, you are hiring a team of reliable professionals.  We strive to be the leaders in the lawn care industry for providing the finest customer service in Residential Lawn Care Edmonton. Take a look at what’s included as part of our services below.

Weekly Lawn Care 

At White ‘N Green Lawn Care, our mission is simple: to give our customers back their time so they can enjoy their life – and their lawn. Our weekly lawn care service includes professional mowing, trimming and blowing off all hard surfaces. Our team follows a specified lawn care schedule so you’ll always know when to expect us. And, your gorgeous, fresh cut grass will let you know when service is complete. You’ll enjoy a healthy and green lawn and best of all, more time to make wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Lawn mowing seems like a simple task; however, if it’s not done properly, it can set your lawn up for failure resulting in brown and unhealthy grass. Proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. White ‘N Green follows correct cutting practices and guarantees healthy, drought-tolerant, thicker grass to crowd out weeds. We pay attention to mowing at the correct height and never remove more than one-third of the total leaf surface (a single grass blade) with each cutting.

Gone are the days when mowing was easily done by the young entrepreneurial teenager down the street. Today’s scientific approach to lawn care now demands knowledge and understanding of grass structure to ensure maximum environmental and enjoyment value. Understanding the type of grass you have, recommended mowing height, and proper mowing practices, will contribute to the health of your yard and health of the environment.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Full Season (May-Oct)

from $180.00/month

1 Cut/week from May-Aug, 1 Cut/10 Days in Sept,  Fall Cleanup  and Last Cut in Oct.

Power Edging

Power edging gives a crisp and sharp looking edge between the pavement and grass.  It gives your property a neat and tidy look and also removes the growth that takes over the walkways and pavement.  White ‘N Green has the proper equipment and expertise to give your lawn edges a sharp and tidy look.


Neatly trimmed hedges, bushes and trees give your property a finished look and improve your property’s value. White ‘N Green provides trimming services for both residential and commercial clients. We have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to give your shrubbery and trees the proper trim to maintain their appearance, health and eliminate potentially dangerous dead branches and other hazards.

Correct trimming, not only enhances the visual appearance, but it also ensures that the shrubbery and trees become structurally strong, making them more resistant to stress brought about from disease, insects or environmental extremes.

spring cleanup

Spring Cleanup

We highly recommend a spring cleanup each year to keep your lawn healthy. A detailed spring cleanup is a crucial step in reviving and preparing your yard for the upcoming growing season. It provides a great start to promoting a healthy lawn and landscape. The best time to book for a spring cleanup is early April right through into mid-late spring. This is a comprehensive service and based on your property’s needs. Our team of lawn care experts will professionally prepare your property for the season ahead.

You can choose from a variety of spring cleanup packages that we offer our residential clients.

* Prices shown are based on a lot of 4000 sqft or less.  Prices may vary on bigger lots or excessive beds and hedges .

* We provide 3 free bags and charge additional $3.00 per bag after that.

* Add an application of liquid fertilizer and weed control for $60.00.

Residential Lawn Care Edmonton De Thatching

Power Raking (Dethatching)

Thatch, in your lawn, consists of dead grass, plant material (grass and leaves) and mold that has developed over the winter months.  All this lay on the surface of the soil and suffocates your lawn.  To ensure a healthy lawn after the long Alberta winters, it is important to expose the soil to warmth and sunlight.  The best way to do this is to dethatch your lawn with power raking machine.

Dethatching provides many benefits including:

Healthy root growth in your grass           

If you have a build of thatch, healthy root growth is nearly impossible.  If the roots aren’t healthy, your grass will never become full, green and thick. By dethatching, you are able to help circulate air deep down into the roots, and providing necessary carbon dioxide. Not only does this stimulate existing roots, but also encourages new root growth.

Making Fertilizer Work for Your Lawn

If there is a thatch build up on your lawn, applied fertilizers cannot properly blend with the soil. Dethatching ensures that your fertilizers can work effectively, and spread properly accross your lawn and throughout the soil.

Effective Draining

Again, thatch is essentially a barrier between the soil and anything healthy that needs to come in contact with it. While moisture is necessary for proper lawn growth, it can become a damaging factor when it’s unable to penetrate the soil and make its way to the roots. With a healthy lawn, the moisture remains on the surface for a short time, eventually draining into the soil and to the root system. If thatch is present, however, water remains at the surface for a longer period of time, and saturates the plant system. Dethatching will ensure that water drains properly, while also nurturing your lawn.

White ‘N Green has been providing this service for many years and have the expertise in property dethatching your lawn.  On many occasions, we have seen homeowners practically ruin their lawns attempting to do a dethatch and it ended up taking almost an entire year to get the lawn back to where it was previously.  Leave this critical task to the trusted hands of White ‘N Green and we will make sure to only remove thatch and not the roots of grass plants.

Core Aeration

One of the best things you can do to help your lawn is to aerate at least once a year.  Technically speaking, aeration is the naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and its surrounding atmosphere. Practically speaking, aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve natural soil aeration. It’s commonly called “core aeration” in the lawn service industry, and you may have heard of it as soil cultivation (coring, spiking and slicing). Most homeowners simply call it aeration.

Core Aeration Benefits:

Core aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements through these means:

  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Enhanced soil water uptake.
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Stronger grass roots.
  • Reduced soil compaction.
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning.
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown.

Fall Cleanup

For children (and many pets), fall is a time to play in leaf piles. For adults, the falling leaves are a dreaded reminder of a time-consuming seasonal chore. We invite you to skip the tedious raking and bagging this year, and let us do the work.

The Importance Of Removing Leaves

You may be tempted to let your leaves pile up in the fall and just mow over them in the spring. On some properties with very little debris, this could be an option, but we don’t usually recommend it. It’s important to remove all leaves in the fall to avoid damaging the health of your lawn. Leaves and debris that accumulate during the cold winter months can suffocate your soil, harbor moisture, and spread disease that could destroy your lawn’s root system. It can take multiple seasons (and a lot of time, effort, and money) to repair the damage.

The clean up crew at White ‘N Green is professional and efficient. We quickly remove all of your leaves and debris and haul it off-site. No more raking and bagging – we’ve got it covered for you!

fall yard cleanup cover
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